just fuckin with the hand i was dealt,

by Rachel Lynch in

You think your personal attacks make up for what you lack? The world's taking a turn for the better so you better take a back-seat if you're not down. New York is leading the way, whether you're game or not. Hold a candle to the sky and give it up for the gay men and women to the most high.

Get what you want out of life. When you don't have it, go and get it. Blow your own horn, the fire inside is enough to blow down the house made of hay and the house made of brick. Sorting through the fan mail and life threats... I could throw a few insults back at you, but where would that get me? But any of you that hate on my friends and their life decisions.. I'm saying fuck you loud and clear. I didn't ask about your life, What gave you the right to question mine?