Battle of the Burbs

by Rachel Lynch in

Starting everyday in the motherfucking laboratory, skating off to school, trying not to expelled, plus I've got the lab partner front hell. It's alright though, cause when the beakers are bubbling, I'm writing tight flow like all this metric jam ain't troublin. I try to kick it in my seat and white lab jacket, but my ADD's like, "we ain't gonna have this." So I switch between solving metric equations and writing mix tapes to crank in your basement.

It's hard when a problem is linear and you don't think that way. But I got crazy prof. from Transylvania who convinced me to stay. She knows I'm on my math grind, 10AM rollin to the lab and I'm just getting there on time. Throw on my goggles and pick up a pen, just to say that I did it again. Not stoppin, gonna mix science and hip-hop, maybe start a new equation.. but for now my beats don't make it out of webbie's basement.