bang, bang, my baby shot me down

by Rachel Lynch in

I don't stop until I get what I want, my mother told me today that I'm going straight to hell. I fight how the boys fight, I don't back down. Every morning, I burst out the door and run along the city streets as the sun is rising. Ipods are for pussy's, but as soon as my track shoes hit the pavement I hear the beat to real wild child playing in my head. The song always explains the way I feel, completely crazy and endlessly free in this trendy world, "Got the message that I gotta be a wild one".

I like bruises, cuts, scratches, And I have plenty. I am unsure of the majority of their origins but they're somewhat note-worthy. Turn me lose, I'm on my way to Vegas. And no, I'm not going to spend endless hard-earned cash money at the slots. I'm going wake up at the crack of dawn and run like wild down the sunset strip as the purple sun rises, because that's the kind of girl I am. Mother's right, I'm mostly likely going to run right into hell along the way.

I'm really bad at staying in the same fucking place. Like seriously, school is starting and I'm already planning my return to new york. I know I should finish school but I feel like I'm hardly going to have the time. I'm taking acting class in the morning, science journalism in the afternoon and writing for a column in the school paper. I hope I can do really risky, raunchy pieces that make people grit their teeth and get out of their seats. People are getting too comfortable in one place these days, always playing it safe and doing the same damn thing. Spending every night with the same people and drinking themselves into oblivion. It's quite like death, I'm assuming. Hell, I want to hike mountains and  swim in lake Michigan at 6am. Aka, I'd rather get it on in the wilderness or the sand, not a bed. Raunchy, messy, on the run.

I'm the wild one.

(+ I'm vegan)