by Rachel Lynch in

bad2getthefuckupoutmywaybitch1 bad22 bad66 badnewsbabes1

Bad News Babes. Brooklyn home invasion. From 9-5, I know it's vacant. Breaking into buildings after school, the bling ring. Beverly Hills gang signs. You're looking like an easy come-up. Best not be the last one out the house. Get the fuck up out my way, bitch. Grabbing everything we can, hearts beating faster now. Girl gang. Ripped tees and breaking the law in spike platforms. Stealing all your peanut butter and shoes but not your jewels, that's just how I feel.


bad news babes tee by feather hearts 

shorts by Nastygal 

leather hat from OAK 

platforms by  Y.R.U. 

sunglasses by Alexander Wang

photos by JagLever