by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_4107 copyIMG_4174 copyIMG_4246 copyIMG_4150 copyIMG_4148 copyIMG_4143 copyIMG_4128 copyIMG_4122 copyIMG_4075 copyIMG_4037 copycake2cake1I heard your best friend say, "you shouldn't have treated her that way, you could've been a little bit kinder." He didn't send you no note, didn't give you no gift. He didn't even try to find ya.

Well, that's too bad, too bad, too bad on your birthday.

You were my love once, it lasted several months. And I was in love, even blinder. When you left me I cried, all my tears haven't dried. So I'm leavin' this little reminder.

And now you're the girl with cake on her face. Yeah, you're the one who's crying. Blow out the candles and make a wish.

I said it's too bad, too bad on your birthday.

I officially turn 23 today! I had the most magical birthday party of my life last night at the Plaza Hotel in Central Park South. With a great team, I shot an editorial that I can't wait to share with you all. I am surrounded by so much love, I don't know what I did to deserve it. Life keeps getting sweeter and sweeter, and I am forever grateful.

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photos by Kayti Hurd