poolside barbie doll,

by Rachel Lynch in

Living in summer limbo; No schedule to keep, no school to skip. Sometimes I feel like I forfeited youth; And instead, headed straight for the attainment of "success". (Whatever the fuck that means.) Starting with the creation of a clothing line at sixteen and then on to the publication of two books, I have never take the time to simply just be.

This summer has been about existence for me, a regained passion and love for the simple art of living. This is the first summer I haven't been in school and the first period in my life since age 16 that I haven't felt the need to do every photoshoot thrown my way. I'm choosing friends over work and relationships over my modeling career. I'm drinking regular coca-cola and I don't care. I'm picking the cookie-dough out of my boy's ice cream and saying I love chocolate. Something has changed in me, the panicky need to achieve has dissolved and I am content in summer's heat.