and we just kick, push

by Rachel Lynch in

"If she want it, I'm gonna give it up. If she runnin low, I'm gonna fill her cup. If it's spilt, chill, I'm gonna clean it up. If she need the money, I would stick you up. If she's getting bored, I'll do some different stuff. Don't need anything, just keep it up..

She wanna do the damn thing and I'm on her side, she opened up the wings and she's gonna fly. She's got no time for the fuss and fight. She does it right, She loves her life.

She the one to put the kick in the drums. She hits the run, she can lift a ton. She gonna stick to the job and get it done. She'd hop out and push if the motors dead. She's gotta keep it moving with no regrets.

She's my lady, case closed."