by Rachel Lynch in

Overworked and all used up, we are the American army, youthful and fixating towards nowhere. We're raised on Jimmy Eat World and sarcastic, editorial humor. We daily consume nicotine, caffeine and self-portraits. We seek to perceive ourselves a certain way, creating a character but becoming nothing fast. Dazed-eyes, Where does the ambition go? Second star to the right and blue stars till morning, roll over, do it again. The overwhelming bland excuses for solitary dwelling makes me vomit. No longer a part of things world, you're going to die alone dancing victory swirls in your own head. It's a shame that you spend all your time pitting yourself and I'm not part of the dance. I'd rather be with the manics out the window, free of white kitchens and automobile driving. Life is more than your accessories and iced lattes. Ace of hearts, I don't like playing monopoly with the masses.