by Rachel Lynch in

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American Drugs. High on the feeling of just being here. We are free, and can feel it in the air. We can taste in our oceans and carry it in the salt in our hair. We are culture set on high. We are removed from the ground and wandering upon the grey clouds. Why would we do anything but wander? From the east coast, to the north-east, there are so many people you'd like to meet. They sing your song. You walk across the sand in complete meditation. There are a million books you'd like to read, but you're not thinking of that now. You're dreaming of wide open desert and sun-warmed cadillacs. It's the summer heat, the ocean in your hair and the sand beneath your feet.... You're high. 

salty hair coverup by Wildfox

sunglasses by Wildfox

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell X Human Aliens

photos by Jaglever