aloha flower child

by Rachel Lynch in

rachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lyncha1a2a3a4a5a6rachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lynchaloah10rachel lynchrachel lynchAloha. Child of the flowers. Spirit in the leaves, she grows from the seeds. You come into this life with nothing and you leave with nothing. The only thing you can do with your life is give it away. This is the true essence of feeling purposeful.

She wandered through the flowers, and thought about the world. Everyday, she would go to her purpose, and know that joy that came from being there. When we find our divine employment,  it feeds us energy as much as we feed it.

A thorn stuck in her finger as she played in the rose garden, but she reminded herself of her own commitment to happiness in the face of obstacles. She transcended the energy of the moment, and used it as a guide. She chose higher energy, she never stayed in sadness long.

Follow and live your heart's desires. Follow your bliss, and the doors will open for you.

sun kimono and aloha bitches tee by Jac Vanek

black leather boots by Jeffrey Campbell

rings by Katie Dean Jewelry

photos by Make Dreams Life