alien butterfly awaiting the winter solecist

by Rachel Lynch in


Blonde alien butterfly awaiting the winter solecist. Shifting into our spirit families with open hearts. Mother earth is an organism just as we are. Spread love, spread light. This is your art, this is your light. You are spreading higher vibrations through doing what you love. The heart organ is the source of your spiritual being. The higher strands of your DNA will bring you more in tune with yourself.

We are directly conected to the earth and exist as a part of it. If anything happens to earth, we will feel it. Just as if anything happens to a mother while pregnant, it leaves an energetic imprint on the child. We exist as a part of her. Our energetic anatomy is exactly like the earth.

What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.

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bunny sweater by she inside

mermaid pink hellbounds by UNIF

photo by rachel derose