Alice + Olivia

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_1926 copyIMG_1957 copyIMG_1922 copyIMG_1937 copyIMG_1958 copyIMG_1970 copyIMG_1943 copyIMG_1917IMG_1935 copyIMG_1980 copyIMG_1946 copyIMG_1959 copyIMG_1983 copyIMG_1923 copyIMG_1961 copyYesterday, I had the pleasure of previewing the Spring 13' collection at the Alice and Olivia showroom. I think if I could live wherever I wanted in Manhattan, it would be here. The light is incredible and the all white french feel suits me just fine. Everyone there was so kind and I was walked through the inspiration behind the latest collection. For spring, they're all about the Hampton's girl who does things just because they're fun. She wears light-colored printed separates and cocktail dresses. She wears white on white, because white is the new black. She has hearts on the bottoms of her shoes and feels french in the middle of Manhattan. I love this care-free attitude in fashion. To me, that's what fashion is about. The little white leather dress was my favorite piece of the spring collection and I can't wait to frolic around in it in the West Village, drinking tea and sipping pink champagne.

rainbow bright dress by UNIF

furry rainbow coat by Nastygal

white shoes by Wildfox Couture

skeleton sunglasses mirror frames by Karen Walker