a scream is always just that,

by Rachel Lynch in

"If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool"

I couldn't decided, but I picked from the tree. I suppose it is for worse or better. It is what it is and I have moved passed enough bull-shit to see that things are always going to be in constant progression. As inclusive as I want to be, It's nice to be inside one's own mental life once and awhile. My head is a very interesting factory and I'd take you for a tour if I could.

It's very easy to put someone down, to view them as less than yourself, or not worth a nickle of your time simply because you don't know them. I don't pretend to know anyone that I really haven't spend much time with, therefore I don't judge. Today when Kassidy bitched back at Melissa, I about had a fit of screaming joy. It's never right to let someone continuously stop on you time and time again because they have this certain perception of you or the way your life should be. I'm proud my baby girl stood up for herself. Not saying its okay to snap but if someone's trying to put you in your place.. Well, hell, you better put them in theirs.

What does the land of dreams have in store for me this week?