A savior-faire

by Rachel Lynch in

Often,  I find myself being told that I am too young to have gathered much knowledge or had the opportunity to create success. True success is often depicted in our society as something “far off”, or something that cannot be achieved until one has graduated college and done the standard things “successful” people do. Contrary to blind belief, I feel success happens every day and we are not moving towards one grand success but rather we move in and out of creating our own successfully reality everyday. If we fall into the trap of believing that success is something only obtainable in the future then we will always live in the between. Existing in this period of waiting, where we expect something great to happen in a few years or once we get some bachelor of arts is not productive. Grasping the existence we have now and creating success in the present is the only way we can get things done and really experience life for what it is. I know I don’t have to wait till I get a four year degree or turn twenty-five to know what true success tastes like.Last year, I kicked started my clothing line, Lush Carnal Collections. It has been a wild adventure for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. No, its not traditional but I’ve lived so much through creating this experience for myself. It’s not about making money and it’s not about being famous. Creating projects and just letting artistic ideas flow for me is existing altruistically solely for the purpose of life and it’s grand splendor.

Starting all over again, what better way to achieve yet another series of new wordy experiences. I know in a few years or perhaps months I’m going to want to move towards something other than a clothing line and I’m not going to shy away from that either. I’m going to move into that with just as much spontaneity as I did with Lush Carnal Collections. In all my projects and creative pursuits I want to give every last stitch of effort. Quite frankly, doing something half-assed seems pointless to me and most likely will result in a very querulous result. It’s like what Rilke says, you have to captivate the vast sense of what is possible.

Upon first starting to create art and clothing I lacked belief in critique. I put my assurance in the ideas that works of art could not be judge. Holding true still to this small assertion, I’m starting to move towards this axiom that critique is necessary and valid. Think about it, art students wouldn’t need a school if they didn’t need their art to be weighted and evaluated. Only through honesty and the eye of the more experience can we grow in expression. I remember my British Literature teacher telling me that I must go to school because I have to be fed the truth. Only through appreciating and growing under the knowledge of teachers will I ever be able to understand the depth of my own potential.