a light in the dark,

by Rachel Lynch in

Moving back and forth between getting right, actors of dark and light. My friends and I are young and moving fast, And often we don't know when to call it a day. Ten cents in the morning and night, sometimes we don't know the difference.  I always manage to keep it together, I don't think it possible to go so far that you can't come back. This morning I won my second 5k race this month, female overall winner. I really love front running, wining any other way is chicken shit as Steve Prefontaine would say. I hang with the top guys during the whole race and I know they get the shit scared out of them when the see a girl pass them after the second mile. Running a race is an art. The kick at the finish is just like the artist in his moment of most divine inspiration.

I maybe float between the good and the evil, but I will never loose myself completely.

"Not until she had run at least seven times around the earth would she be able to sit quietly on her ass and observe the blindness and the indifference of men with something like equanimity"