by Rachel Lynch in

What is style? What is fashion? What is madness? Why do the two seem to fall so closely together? It seems all the great models and artists ride a unicycle down the middle of genius and insanity. They sleep inside the high tides of their mind, and some even die by being pulled away in the undertow.

But are we being a little dramatic? A little... over the top? Maybe fashion isn't as dramatic as we make it. But it's fun right? It's fun to put on a show and pretend every model walking down the runway doesn't have this battle or game going on inside her head. For a second, it's okay to pretend its all-right, to believe that everything can be magically washed away, tied into a little couture bow and thrown on stage.

Feed me to the lions.

Photographs by Samantha White

Clothing by Burberry Fall 2011

Happy Fashion Week, Bitches