A Bowl of Cold Soup and a Coke Spoon

by Rachel Lynch in

In the past two days, my friend, well more than a friend, has come pretty close to death. And I’m not talking about cool deaths, like getting hit by a bus or eaten by a dinosaur. I’m talking about death by one’s own hands, an attempt at ending a life. Part of me wants to say, Can you blame him? This world really sucks some days… But there’s something else in me that screams for life-- Shitty, smelly, cocksucking, heart-breaking life.

     As we find out the truths of the world, our desire for death grows, but as much as that develops through time, our desire for life must be simultaneously stronger. There is something intrinsic in our human nature that moves us to fight for life, as unnatural as that biologically may be; an attempt at a long life is a worthy fight. Wisdom comes through old age and experience, and as kids in our 20’s; I don’t think we’ll ever start etching away at that wall that keeps us from happiness prior to achieving wisdom. Until then, we have to bite it out. Roll with the punches, fuck with the bitches and deal with the real world. It’s not all so bad; you can actually make it fun. I’m guess that’s what the happy people do. They make this little perceived struggle we call life, fun.

photos by: Damon Loble