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A Blonde New Year's Eve. Champagne, designers, photographers, olives, flashes, filters, flowers, lashes, celine, pearls, white curtains, silk, walk in closets, crystalline bathrooms, white sofas and platforms.

I was reality excited this year because I was able to host a big hotel party for a safe and chic New Year's for  my friends last night. After spending the year working with more brands than I ever have before, I'm learning what it means it get treated well... and get treated like shit. My friends are my family and their happiness means everything to me. When I experience a little wealth, there's nothing I would rather do than treat my friends and have a good time. It feels good to be able to support myself and begin to be able to spread it to those around me.

Last night was beautiful simply because I was in the company of those I love most. Nothing makes my heart happier. I know this coming year will be what I make it, nothing comes without hard work. You create your own reality and you create your family. Be aware of the choices you make and how powerful you are. You can do anything.

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hellerina dress by UNIF

mermaid hellbounds by UNIF