5th Avenue

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_5708 copy IMG_5723 copy IMG_5726 copy IMG_5729 copy IMG_5736 copy IMG_5705 copy5th Avenue during the holidays, words cannot explain the magic. There is something so alive about the streets in New York City. The lights, the diamonds, the windows, it is beyond anything imaginable. I am blow away by the creativity that goes into making New York beautiful during the holidays. I love the idea of people using their artistic gifts to make beauty for others to enjoy. Yellow cabs even add to the glamour of it all. Running up and down the subway with shopping bags in a cloud of holiday high. New York is a show, and you're dead front and center.

boyfriend white tee by Nastygal

dip-dye purple coat by Nastygal

kick ass thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell

sunglasses by Nastygal

photos by Jaglever