by Rachel Lynch in

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"Hotel Milk is a love story, my love story. Well… maybe it’s not love. Maybe it’s lust. Anyways, it’s raunchy, unnecessary and will most likely offend you. A big coffee table book to make your guests uncomfortable, what could be better?"


-- Rachel Lynch

It's been a lot of work and long hours, but I'm excited about what I've created for you all. I love the idea of a coffee table book. The idea of having a few friends over for drinks around a low coffee table with art books and magazine on it. I'd love it if one of those books was Hotel Milk. It's filled with photographs and notes of a love affair. Light a cigarette, grab a glass of wine and sit down to collection of visual stimulation. I had a really wonderful time putting it together and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as i do. kisses.